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Earthing Sheets and How They Work Though the act of earthing or grounding is in relatively early stages of scientific review, researchers are giving much attention to the benefits of reconnecting with the earth. Whether you spend some time each day walking on the ground with no shoes, or leather bottomed shoes, or ground yourself with earthing products, the benefits are immense. Research has shown that being connected to the earth for eight hours during sleep increases the speed in which we recover from muscle soreness, the quality of our sleep, and resynchronizes our biorhythms. Earthing has also been shown to reduce stress, inflammation, stress, blood pressure, and the thickness of our blood. In fact, the authors of the book “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?” suggest that anyone who is own blood thinners speak with their physicians when they start earthing to ensure their blood doesn’t get too thin.
An earthing sheet lies over the fitted sheet of your mattress where your bare skin can make contact with it. The sheet connects to a grounding cord, which is plugged into a grounded electrical outlet in your room, or to a ground rod sunk into the earth outside. While you sleep on the sheet, your body sheds the polluted electrons that fill your body throughout the day, and absorbs the clean energy given freely by the earth.
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