ACMOS Products – The most advanced energy medicine system for practitioners

The Acmos Lecher Antenna measures vibratory or energy emissions. Used to identify aggressions, disorders or quality of different applications..

In the 1920s, a German physicist, Ernst Lecher, discovered the principle of the resonance provoked by a loop of wiring with a sliding shunt. This principle was later further developed into the Acmos Lecher Antenna a highly sensitive tool that measures all the tensions influencing the human and environmental energy.

HUMAN The ACMOS Antenna measures all vibratory or energy emissions whether human, animal, mineral or environmental. It can determine the origin of an environmental aggression or a health energy disorder. Thirty-two (32) levels of human disorders due to internal and environmental aggressions can be identified by the ACMOS Antenna.
ENVIRONMENTAL All environmental aggression can be identified: geopathic, ecological, electric, electromagnetic, radioactive, cellular, heavy metal poisoning, pollution, etc.
OBJECTS ENERGY MEASUREMENTS The energetic quality of objects can be measured intrinsically through the use of the sliding shunt set to different wavelengths.
PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 ACMOS Lecher Antenna, 1 beehive mass, 1 cord, 1 plastic carrying case, instruction manual

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