Trinfinity 8 Monaco Stars and Bars Launch Thursday 25th of October 2012

The ‘miracle’ machine set to revolutionise the health and beauty industry has arrived in Monaco.
The Trinfinity8 can vanish wrinkles, cure anxiety, combat weight loss, turn grey hair back to its youthful, original colour, and even enlarge one’s manhood! Health-conscious Monegasques can give the T8 a test-run next week.

The Trinfinity8 claims to help wrinkles and other skin problems
The machine was invented in the US four years ago by Dr Kathi Forti. She got the information and inspiration for the device during her own personal near-death experience.
The machine looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, with crystal rods wired to a computer that transmits visual fractals on the screen. The kit is programmed with a revolutionary bio-energetic software system that claims to go far beyond other rejuvenation and beauty treatments.
The machine uses energy healing techniques to restore the unique binary-code-system that make up our health. If these codes are out of sync, we get symptoms of disease and poor health. The Trinfinity8 restores these complex algorithmic codes for improved health and beauty.
Whether the T8 sounds fantastic or far-fetched, bring your curiosity to Stars n Bars on 25 October from 2pm where the machine will be unveiled. Monaco residents are welcome to try the T8 for a free 15-minute trial and learn all about its many restorative functions.
Presenting Trinfinity8 will be machine-owner Nicole Petschek and clinical psychologist Dr Marion Ross.
For more into about what the T8 could do for you, contact Nicole direct at or call 06 18 01 93 03

Location: Stars n Bars Monaco


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