StartupLive | Scoopit Co-Founder Guillaume Decugis talks curation and it’s benefits at SxSWi

Arabella Santiago is the founder of Startup Live and the Executive Director of the TechWeek conference in Chicago where I’m speaking in a few months. We had a discussion on the role of curation as an expression form in Austin at SxSWi a few weeks ago and we also touched upon the topic of the coming TechWeek session which is about the trend of remixing content to create something new: “No one wants to be duplicating content, but if you quote content and you put content in context then you can create something which has higher value than the original.

It’s something we have gotten used to in Music with DJ’s and rappers sampling and remixing songs but that the Web makes possible for everyone to do with any form of content. Having been a music entrepreneur before, I like this analogy and I think it shows quite well how a whole creativity potential can be unleashed by new tools and platforms.

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