Beverly Holt

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Beverley Holt: Over 25 years experience as a holistic healer.


Beverley utilises her natural healing ability together with her innate intuition to combine some of the learned techniques into her teachings.


Numerous VIPs and elite athletes have been her clients such as the Australian Rugby Team-The Wallabies.


She was well known in the community with her monthly information evenings to advise and inform on Holistic Therapies and main stream medicine


Beverley honours the traditional teaching of Mikao Usui System –the founder of Reiki.  A simple and powerful method for helping people to heal themselves, and others, so that they can achieve their full potential in all aspects of life.  Even young children can learn how to use Reiki. 


Beverley teaches all Levels from Reiki Level 1 to Masters.


Learn to release yourself from the pressure of today’s hectic lifestyle!

Personal development and spiritual growth at its best!

Guaranteed to make you feel good!



Registered General Nurse- Wales ,UKRegistered Psychiatric Nurse- Wales ,UKSports Massage –WSMI (highest degree in Wales and UK)Aromatherapy Diploma –IIHHT (Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies) WalesReiki Master-AustraliaSeischim Master-AustraliaParamedical Aesetician-AustraliaParamedical Camouflage- AustraliaAesetician/beauty –NIHB National Institute Health and Beauty AustraliaI’m registered in France for FFMBE-Member of French Federation Massage de Bien EtreMember of The Reiki Association -UK

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