July self development news


Success is simply a pattern. There are ways that don’t work and ways that do work. And that is also very true when it comes to setting yourself up to attracting that special person whose life and soul are going to mesh with yours to create your “ Love Nirvana”

If you have been “ waiting “ or “wanting” that ideal relationship for an inordinate long period of time, it is the moment to shift your relationship identity.

Evolvement occurs when you change your disserving self-beliefs. Maybe you feel you do not deserve or have the right body… or financial package…. or mental image that will attract Mr or Mrs Right.

There are some very simple processes to go through but simple does not necessarily mean easy! Some aspects of evolvement are not for the faint of heart.

IF you feel you want some support or an understanding ear to listen you… simply contact pr@vitayours.com and ask for your free session.


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