Your Mind Unlocked by Nicole Petschek

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Eternity‘s insight:


How can the most powerful driving force in the world… be either Subconscious or Unconscious? The fact is that is how it works… we are only one step away from the gas pedal and the steering wheel. And that is done by properly addressing our CONSCOIUS mind. to pass on the info at regular intervals to the SUB and or Unconscious minds.. And let them get on with the work.

Learn how to train your Unconscious mind to execute your CONSIOUS orders.

All our ideal goals, from relationships, health, financial, sports are created initially by our conscious mind

But all that data then has to seep into the VIP rooms where the subconscious minds are housed. And according to some research data, those rooms are not only in the brain… but are also in each and every one of our 70 trillion or so cells! That is where our instincts and automated responses are formed. That is what will determine the outcome of our reality.

1 -Reinvent yourself and use a powerful and inspiring person either alive or dead to mold yourself on. Study their behaviors, read their biographies and get inside their brains and imitate them.

2- Every week add one of their sayings to your daily conversations and be aware of how you feel when you are saying it.

3- Every week choose a new daily action that you will implement into your daily schedule and pay careful attention to your reality changes at the end of each day.

4- Focus on one goal each week.

It is vital to assimilate all of the above so that you become the person who automatically arrives at their set finish line.  First it took you a lot of trial and errors to learn how to walk, but through daily practicing you were soon walking, running and jumping without thinking about it, and was then able to easily and automatically get to the place where you wanted to be. You no longer focused on how to get there, only on where to get and what would happen once you got there…

If you apply the above 4 points for a minimum period of 3 months, you will be well on your way to reaching your goal. You might even have reached it by then.

Bon Voyage!


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