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Eternity‘s insight:

Create the Cause

Create the cause…the vehicle of the ‘Cause’ is a “Thought”.

What is a thought? Simplistically explained, I would say it is ‘form’, whether physical in matter or substantially formless such as a state of being which is created in the conscious mind. Before the thought can be experienced on a physical plane it has to travel along a linear time path whereby it undergoes changes. The end result of the thought is “The Effect”.  Now…. back to the future!!!! Your thought is THE CAUSE!

With the use of visualization you affirm and attract your wanted results   .

Visualization.. New age word? Metaphysical expression? Airy Fairy language?

Maybe… But basically a visualization is very real and can be easiest described as a “Mental Painting or Soundtrack”.

Once you have visualized whatever it is that you wish for; you will now affirm to yourself that you are already experiencing that or having it.

Stop shooting yourself in the foot… start realizing your full potential.

Lets go on a treasure hunt together and discover the power of true self confidence.

See you at the ‘check in desk’.

Bon Voyage!

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