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Have you ever doubted for a micro- second that when you would open the fridge you

wouldn’t be able to see what is on the fridge shelves? Tiptoeing to the icebox in the middle of the night with all the lights off in the house so as not to wake up anyone, did it ever cross your mind to find a flash light before you were going to open the fridge door in order to see inside the fridge?

Of course not. That lack of doubt is what is called a ~BELIEF.~

Belief ….will get you everything…..!

“Blind faith” “deep seated beliefs” Those are some of the ingredients needed in order to create your ideal future. Just believe it is yours already. To some it comes naturally and to others they have to use tools to create that deep seated belief. But once you have your beliefs and your faith, you can lay back and relax. You will reach your goal in spite of yourself and not because of yourself!

It is pure blind faith that allowed Christopher Columbus to sail forth into unknown seas searching for a continent that he had only imagined existed.

It is absolute faith and self confidence that propelled the Wright brothers to overcome all their failures until they could keep that flying machine in the air. Their imagination prodded them on. And they were listening to its messages and acting on them. Edison’s determined and deep faith in his idea that he could produce not only recorded sound but also light at an affordable cost for general usage led him to his goal. He never stopped on a failure, simply because he never saw it as a failure. What he immediately saw was a deviation on what he was doing which would hopefully Mahatma Gandhi’s vision and faith were the elements that bought together under one umbrella over two hundred million kindred and un- kindred souls! Divinely inspired quotes such as “Nobody can hurt me without my permission! And “I like your Christ;

I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ”

And again … “Nonviolence is the weapon of the strong” and last but not least…

“Nonviolence is the greatest of all religions” All those sentences that he pronounced simply came to him because he was on that vibration due to his deep seated belief that was his truth. His subconscious took care of the rest. And the above quotes helped tomotivate and rally thousands at a time around his vision.

Be free, laugh, love, let go and trust. When the spirit is relaxed and peaceful it opensits arms to the unknown. That is when positive inspiration finds its way into your minds, and your imagination is being spoon- fed the answers, the foundations and the modalities to transform your wish into reality.You must develop a deep seated belief and realize that even though you are yearning for something you get thrown into doubts every time you express your wish and someone pours cold water over your idea.

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