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Eternity‘s insight:

Nicole Petschek

Motivational speaker & brain trainer for goal achievement

Nicole is a professional speaker specializing in talks on stress management, personal motivation and achievement, delivering motivational, educational, inspirational and entertaining speeches at conferences, dinners and other events.

She describes her individual coaching as teaching gardening tools for the mind. How do you get rid of the weeds while planting a new seed? By learning how to nurture, care and respect the power of your mind you will reach your goals.

Nicole is here for you, and with my coaching you will learn to always be there for yourself!

With Nicole TOGETHER you will reach YOUR goal! Guaranteed success rates!

Nicole helps her clients, both individual and corporate, looking outside the ‘box’ at situations in ways they might not have done previously.

Nicole’s coaching opens everyone to new and innovative ways of looking at what is possible, moving individuals beyond their comfort zone to achieve breakthroughs by refocusing their attention on what they want most in life, and how they can attain it.

Nicole is a certified practitioner in:

N.L.P. Neuro-Linguistic Programming


Time Line Therapy

Executive and corporate coaching.

Contact: for exclusive calls with Nicole to discuss your situation and needs

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