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Vita Yours – Trampolines Bellicon –

Eternity‘s insight:


When 100 trillion or so odd cells which are normally squashed tight between crushing bones have the rare opportunity to get a “breath of fresh air!” for a split Nano second during an airborne bounce on a trampoline they become weightless.

That is why Nicole Petschek suggests to her clients to gently bounce away for 8 to 10 minutes per day while laughing out loud. Nicole goes so far as to suggest that they fake their laughter in case they can’t think of anything funny to laugh about. During that microcosm of a moment when the bones are less compacted, the cells have the unusual experience of getting an extra helping of oxygen and oxcitocin; also known as the “Love Hormone”.

The simple layman’s results are that relatively fast, an underlying mood shift occurs and the person’s demeanour evolves from heavy to light, from sad to happier. No drugs, no injections, just gentle bounces on the Diamond Standard of Vita Yours trampolines.

Each rebounder can be fitted with personalised bungees adapting to the weight of the user. That is one of the reasons that make our rebounder so special.

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