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Eternity‘s insight:

A 14 week intensive ‘one on one’ neuronal transformational coaching package specializing in addiction from prescription medication to shopping. Daily coaching supports and  helps to overcome the addiction and withdrawal issues.


The coaching is forward thinking and not focused on looking for the initial emotional root core reasons which started the addiction. On the contrary the client is guided and supported to see, feel, and imagine their ideal outcome free to live the full and rewarding life they deserve and will enjoy.


Voids are filled with personal gratification leading to fulfillment and ultimate happiness. Basic values of belonging, respect and love are re-integrated into your core values.


It does not happen overnight. Tools, strategies and methods are implemented and need at least 30 days of repeated integration. This is where the coach is a vital support tool to the client to ensure the behavioral transition necessary to maintain an ongoing clean life style.

For more details and a free and personal discovery session.


£1,800.00 total price 

Contact for special 10% online promotion quoting Blogoffer in the subjectline

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