Join us in our ‘Mini Monday Metaphysical Workshops’ when Nicole Petschek will introduce the benefits of EFT Emotional Freedom Technique as an ‘Energy Medicine’ tool and guide us through a self-help process which produces immediate release of negative energy and stress.

Research Study


83 participants were divided into 3 groups: the 1st group received an hour of EFT; the 2nd group received an hour of psychotherapy ("talk" therapy); the 3rd group (control group) received no treatment.

Researchers measured cortisol levels before and after EFT sessions. Cortisol was measured because it is known as the "stress hormone" of the body. As stress goes up, cortisol levels go up.

The levels had dropped so significantly after the short sessions that the researchers thought there must be something wrong with their equipment.

But after recalibrating their equipment they came to the conclusion that EFT released the stress and cortisol rapidly and powerfully. Results: The 1st group (EFT) demonstrated a 24% decrease in cortisol levels; the 2nd and 3rd groups showed no change in cortisol levels. The reality: Psychotherapy allows the stress hormone called cortisol to run in your body because the effects of psychotherapy start to manifest after a long time.

Study findings: EFT balances activity between the sympathetic and parasympathetic regions of your brain, producing "a neutral emotional state," the gold standard of health and wellness.

PRICE: €10.00 /person

RSVP: nicole (places are limited to only 20 participants)






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