Vita Yours


Happy Holidays to everyone… find the joy to celebrate… it will amplify…
I am Nicole Petschek and I adore sharing tips that deliver results.
We are all entitled to all we want… all we have to do is create it in our minds.
What we first see inside our minds becomes reality.
See it inside and then you will believe your creative power when you see what you have manifested.

Now is the time for you to give yourself your own gift.
Take a few hours of “MY TIME” to create in pictures your own pictorial wish list for 2015.
I hope you have desires and wishes in all sectors of your life.
Health, Relationships, financial abundance.
Make a board for each sector. Create it as representative as possible…
Lose yourself in your imagination as you are on your own creative journey while you make your vision board
Then photograph your finished vision boards. And put the photos in as many places as you can think of where your eyes will see those 3 vision boards… Either consciously or unconsciously.

If you want to tweak them and update them throughout the year… go ahead… But look at them every day for a few moments and dive into your visions boards as if they had already manifested…

You are planting the seeds for what you want the earth; divine intelligence. Collective unconsciousness. . Call it what you want…
But it will get to work for you and deliver…

Have an abundant manifesting 2015

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