The Method of Talking & Tapping

TALKING & TAPPING instantaneously deletes painful physical, mental and emotional symptoms, whether they are chronic or sporadic.

The combination of tapping on specific body areas, while talking yourself through our prescribed scripts, instructs the body’s intelligence to release unresolved emotional issues which are trapped in your body’s energy system. Any negative emotional stress impedes the body’s natural self-healing ability.

Often the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) releases physical symptoms without having to explore emotional factors. For long lasting and life shifting results it is best to work a bit further and deeper and identify the buried emotional issues.

Surprisingly, when you become familiar with the system or work with our well-trained EFT therapist the deep cleaning results can happen after one or two sessions as opposed to months if not years with a psychologist or a psychiatrist. EFT has been proven to work where nothing else will.

Personal performance will go through the roof, all type of relationships from intimate to careers will thrive. Limiting beliefs and lack of self-confidence, anger, jealousy, resentment, and guilt will all be deleted from your energy matrix. On a clean and peaceful inner foundation you are now able to build yourself forward in a positive and sustainable inner environment.

Use EFT as an ongoing process to delete pains, worries and anxieties in order to allow the life you are dreaming of to be become reality.

In a second step the following can be achieved:

Freeze the bad memory and re-frame it to what you would want it be. Play it back, and now you have changed the blocked energy vibration from what it was to a positive one.

Using the Matrix Re-Imprinting Technique helps to takes this a step further by allowing you to interact with yourself at the time of the event and release the emotions and change the memory to a more positive one.

Toxic energy of all unexpected emotional or physical traumas are frozen in the energy system of our cells.

Contrary to animals and to indigenous civilisations who shake it out of their body systems instinctively, our education prevents us from releasing those emotional traumas naturally.

EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting gently releases and reformats those frozen toxic energies and feelings to stop you from continuing to attract similar negative situations. By cleaning out and re-imprinting a good belief or desire you will start to draw more of what you want into your reality.

Matrix Re-Imprinting gentle formulas enable everyone to release traumatic experiences without being re-traumatised by the memory.

When you decide to change your relationship to the past, you are ready to reformat your emotional, mental and physical health in the present.


Private 3 hours workshops. Invite your friends for an experimental hands on experience on a subject of your choice. Body look / Finances / Relationships / Sports / Price according to location and numbers.


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