Vita Yours – John Assaraf

Vita Yours – John Assaraf –


So you’ve thought about your goals, written them down and maybe even written an action plan. Now what? You just wait and the universe will deliver?

Wrong! The most important step in setting and achieving your goals is creating a neural coherence pattern. It sounds a bit scientific, but all developing a “neural coherence pattern” entails, is aligning what you want in your conscious mind with what you think and believe in your subconscious mind. In order to implement your written goals you put your heart and soul into getting down on paper, you need to align your subconscious and conscious thoughts.


When your subconscious and conscious are in sync, you build a neural coherence pattern and start working towards what you really want with very little effort.

Watch this short video on where he explains how to use the law of attraction by first creating a neural coherence pattern, so you can achieve your goals and dreams!

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