About Vitayours Therapists

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How Vita Yours can help Corporate Teams to align their Goals with their Mind:Subsequent to negative trends in my department’s turnover and profits, I decided to approach my work targets from a new view point. Nicole Petschek’s reputation as a successful neuro-linguistic goals coach made her an obvious choice.After the full day course her ‘24/7 Hands- on’ support package proved invaluable in making certain that my ‘NEW’ way of thinking became naturally embedded and  my Divisions subsequent  results showed a distinct positive trend.

I highly recommend Nicole Petschek Vita Yours Coach. Her quick and sensitive grasp of a situation allows her to find the positive aspects which she combines with a tremendous positive energy while she coaches her clients successfully to their targets.

Peter Johnston / Accenture UK Ltd

With Vita Yours we have the best therapists and practitioners sourced from around the globe.  They represent the best in their field and therefore Vita Yours provides a wide range of solutions to suite your personal circumstances.

Meet our Access Consciousness practitioners.

Sandy Levequehttp://www.vitayours.com/sandyleveque.htm


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